Ryan Thomas Productions

Ryan Thomas is a full time composer and audio engineer, formally trained in both classical and modern music styles. He currently writes under multiple Hong Kong Film Award winner Raymond (Ying-Wah) Wong, who composed the soundtracks to internationally acclaimed hits Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle. Ryan's works have been featured in several record-breaking films, including The Mermaid (2016), which has become the highest grossing Chinese film of all time and has been nominated for several awards both in China and in the US. Other notable titles Ryan has written soundtracks for include Journey to the West: the Demons Strike Back (2017), Realm of Terracotta (2019), and the upcoming sequel to the record-breaking animated film Ne Zua, Jiangziya: Legend of Deification.

In addition to writing for film and television productions from all over the world, Ryan also works closely with East West Studio’s sample production department Quantum Leap, producing official product demos and tutorials for their industry leading sample libraries. The templates Ryan has made available are his own personal templates that have been used to score hundreds of projects over the years. They have not been created for the purpose of selling; they were built to be workhorse film and TV scoring templates, and have been minimally adapted for maximum compatibility.

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