Born To Protect


Complete project file for the official demo to Metropolis Ark 1 – Born To Protect, by Benny Oschmann.

Available for Cubase Pro, Logic Pro, and Studio One Professional. Includes Full Concert score for orchestra.

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METROPOLIS ARK 1 is inspired by a cinematic monument from 1927 – The first ever epic science fiction motion picture of our time. It showcases strength and boldness in a powerful collection of samples designed specifically for epic music.

Born To Protect by Benny Oschmann serves as an official demo for Metropolis Ark 1 by Orchestral Tools, and uses its sounds exclusively.

Benny has kindly made his project files and fully notated orchestral score available for study purposes.

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This project uses the SINE version of Metropolis Ark 1

The Project File

Access to all of the MIDI and CC data used to sculpt the final performance

Printed audio STEMS for each section of the orchestra, so you don’t need to own the samples to follow along

Track layout, signal flow, and routing optimized for ease of use and resource management

Available for Cubase Pro, Logic Pro, and Studio One Pro.

Notated Score

Included is the full orchestral score in PDF format.

Read along with the project and solo individual instruments or sections for detailed study of how written score can translate into a virtual performance.

Plugins & Production

See how this project used stock plugins to shape its sound with compressions, EQ, and multiband dynamics processing

EW Spaces II was used as the reverb plugin for this piece, and is the only 3rd-party plugin used. If you don’t own Spaces II, you can simply substitute it with your own choice of reverb and use the project as normal

Bypass plugins to hear the ‘before’ and ‘after’ to fully understand the importance of the production techniques used (even the subtle ones!)


Benny Oschmann

Composer / Orchestrator


  • A project file pre-loaded with 62 SINE instruments from Metropolis Ark 1, ready for you to hit play
  • A “LITE” version of the project file with all instrument tracks and mix group plugins disabled
  • Audio STEMS – so you can still play back the project, hearing the sections, without even needing to own the samples.
  • Fully notated concert score (PDF)
  • MIDI File exported directly from the project
*Project files not included with the “MIDI File & Score” package

Instant download available after purchase


  • SINE Player v1.0.5
  • Metropolis Ark 1 (in SINE player)
  • EW Spaces II

*If you don’t EW Spaces II, don’t worry. You can substitute with stock plugins or your favorite equivalent 3rd-party reverb plugin



  • 16GB RAM for the project with all samples loaded
  • Intel i7 2.7GHz quad-core or equivalent


Will this work with the Kontakt version of Metropolis Ark 1?

Mostly, yes. It will be up to you to replace each instance of SINE with the Kontakt equivalent, but note that there are some minor differences between the two versions. Most notably, the volume of the kontakt instances will most likely be too quiet, so I would recommend increasing the expression (CC11) data in each midi track to compensate.

Why don't you provide a Kontakt version?

Orchestral Tools – The developer of Metropolis Ark – forbids the distribution of project files that include tracks pre-loaded with their kontakt instruments. We find this unfortunate, but thankfully the SINE version of Metropolis Ark is an improvement and just as enjoyable to use. If possible, we’d recommend updating to the SINE version (FREE for most previous owners of MA1).

I don't have Metropolis Ark 1. Can I still use the project file?

Yes! You can simply use the “LITE” project files included, and use the Audio STEMs and MIDI tracks to follow along.

Note that it will not perform the same if you substitute instrument tracks for your own choice of sample libraries.

I don't use any of the DAWs listed. Can I still use this project?

We offer a “MIDI and Score” option that you can use with any DAW of your choosing. It includes the MIDI file, Full PDF score, and Audio Stems for you to import into your own DAW.

Is there a list of tracks used in the project?

Yes. In fact, I even made a spreadsheet for you: HERE

Additional information


Cubase, Logic Pro, MIDI File & Score, Studio One


EW Spaces II

Sample Libraries

Metropolis Ark 1

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