A Skip Down The Road (To The Pub)


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Designed to show off the versatility of Spitfire Audio’s Abbey Road Orchestra: 1st Violins library, and how it blends seamlessly with the existing Abbey Road ONE product line-up. “A Skip Down The Road (To The Pub)” was used as an official demo for the Core version of the library, but will work with both the Professional and Core versions.

Made with: Cubase Pro   v12.0.07  |  ARO 1st Violins v1.1.0 

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Project File


(to the pub)

A jaunty orchestral piece to conjure imagery of lush countryside and a bustling Irish pub. With an emphasis on rhythmic melodies and a traditional approach to writing and orchestration, this project was designed to test the nimbleness and flexibility of Abbey Road Orchestra 1st Violins, as well as its “mix-ready” sound out of the box. It comes as no surprise that it met and exceeded all criteria!

Supplemented with various installments from the Abbey Road One series of products, and Spitfire Harp.

The Project File

Explore the project file to study how these virtual instruments were programmed, performed, produced, mixed, and finalized as a polished production. Optionally, use it as a template for your own productions, with the routing, track layout, mix and plugin settings ready to go!

The project contains:

  • All of the MIDI and CC data used to sculpt the final performance
  • Pre-loaded Instrument tracks for a variety of the Abbey Road One libraries
  • Printed audio STEMS for each section of the orchestra, so you can still hear the project even without owning the sample libraries used.
  • Expression Maps for convenient articulation management and custom keyswitches (where applicable)
  • Track layout, signal flow, and routing optimized for flexibility and easy STEM printing

Sample Libraries Used

The star of the show is Spitfire Audio’s “Abbey Road Orchestra: 1st Violins“, as the piece was written specifically as a demo piece for that library. (There are 14 individual tracks using this library alone!)

In addition, the following libraries were used from the “Abbey Road One” collection:

Orchestral Foundations // Legendary Low Strings // Wondrous Flutes // Vibrant Reeds // Mysterious Reeds // Thematic Horns // Soaring Brass & Strings // Grand Brass

And finally, a sprinkling of Spitfire Harp

Plugins & Production

I’ll be honest with you… there really wasn’t much mixing done for this project! There is, however, a chain of plugins on the mix bus that act as the final polish, finalizing the tone and space of the overall sound.

For the demo I submitted to Spitfire Audio, a small selection of 3rd-party plugins were used, including: 

bx_Townhouse Compressor // Pro Q3 // Gullfoss // Seventh Heaven // Kramer Tape

I have kept these plugins and their settings active in the project, but have also created an alternative mix bus channel that uses only stock plugins. This way, you can still achieve 98% of the sound without owning any of the plugins listed above.

Feel free to use the settings as presets for your own productions!

Made by

Jayden Lawrence

Composer for Film & TV


  • A complete Cubase project file including all MIDI & Audio to the piece “A Skip Down The Road (to the pub)” by film and TV composer Jayden Lawrence.
  • Disabled” Cubase project file with all instrument tracks disabled and samples unloaded, for a minimal resource footprint.
    • Audio STEMS are included so you can still playback the project and hear it just as if all tracks were enabled.
  • Documentation to help you get started and navigate the project


Latest update: March 18 2024

Instant download available after purchase


  • Steinberg Cubase Pro 11 or higher
  • Abbey Road Orchestra 1st Violins
  • Abbey Road One Collection (Bundle)
  • Spitfire Harp
  • Gullfoss, Pro-Q3, bx_Townhouse Buss Compressor, Waves Kramer Tape, Seventh Heaven (Standard)

Tested with:   Cubase Pro 12.0.07   |   ARO 1st Violins v1.1.0


  • 16GB RAM for the Full Project / 4GB RAM for the Disabled Project
  • Intel i7 3.4GHz quad-core or equivalent
  • Samples streaming from SSD
For reference, this project hits about 25% on the Cubase performance meter on my PC built around the i7 12700k


Do I need Abbey Road 1st Violins Professional for this?

Nope! If you own Core, all tracks that use Abbey Road Orchestra 1st Violins Professional will automatically downgrade itself to the Core version. Luckily for you, there will be very little difference, as I did not use any additional microphones or Pro features, except for on the V1 performance patch that is heard at the very end of the piece. The Core version will not have a portamento (slide) or softer attacks like the Pro version offers.

I don't have the sample libraries listed. Can I still use the project file?

Yes. You can load the “Disabled” project and work with the audio stems that cover all of the used sample libraries, or you can replace the sample libraries used with your own. Note that it will not sound the same as the full mix provided, if you use different samples.

I don't use Cubase. Can I still use this project?

Unfortunately, the files included will only work with Cubase.

Will this work if I own Seventh Heaven Professional?

Unfortunately the two different versions of Seventh Heaven are seen as separate plugins, so you would need the Standard version of Seventh Heaven in order for it to load as intended.
However, you can use the image in the included PDF manual to see the settings that were used and apply them to Seventh Heaven Professional to replicate it.
(Sandors Hall, Mix at -13db, Pre-delay to 0, Low cut at ~300Hz  👍 )

I get no sound on playback, but the meters are showing signal

You likely need to re-select your output device in the Audio Connections settings (shortcut: F4)

Additional information



Sample Libraries

Abbey Road One, Abbey Road Orchestra 1st Violins, Spitfire Harp


FabFilter Pro Q3, Seventh Heaven, bx_Townhouse Buss Compressor, Gullfoss, Kramer Tape

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