downloadable project files and DAW templates


Study how the MIDI was programmed and sculpted


Access the mix and plugins used for the final polish


Break it down note by note, and follow the PDF score

DAW workflow

Routing and setup including track layout, busses, FX tracks, and more

demystify the process of producing high quality midi mockups​

Like what you hear? See how it was made…

Explore and study the MIDI, audio, routing, and mix techniques that were used to create the final mix

Follow along with live playback to see how it is shaped for a musical performance

Solo or mute individual tracks and dynamically change the mix in real-time

Use the project as a template for your own mockups to fast-track your way to a higher quality production

Reviews & Articles

Thoughts, tips, and tricks from the pros

Spitfire Audio Hammers Review
Vincent Carlo

Hammers by Charlie Clouser

“As a scoring composer, I am always looking for a tight, hard hitting, mix-ready percussion library. Hammers is one such tool that has completely blown me away. “

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music computer
Quick Tips
Jayden Lawrence

Optimize your music PC (Windows)

Whether you’re experiencing poor audio performance, or you just want to make sure your system is primed and ready for music production, this article’s here to help you out

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