More Info Mockup Project File Secrets of The Forest Project file for Orchestral Essentials 1 & 2
by Project SAM
Available for : by Black Coyote
More Info Eastwest Template A template for the modern orchestral
Available for : (Contains "Dragons and Fairies", official demo for Hollywood Choirs) by Ryan Thomas
More Info The Orchestra Complete 2 Exploring The Cave Project Files
Available for :
Journey To Another World by Benny Oschmann by Benny Oschmann 15% OFF The Orchestra Add both to cart for More Info
More Info Beyond The Storm Downloadable project file using
Eastwest's Hollywood Orchestra & Choirs
(works with composer cloud) Available for :
More Info Berlin Inspire 2 The Enchanted Project Files
Available for :
VIEW BUNDLE The Great Zoo Breakout by Benny Oschmann by Benny Oschmann 15% OFF Berlin Inspire 1 Add both to cart for More Info
More Info by Benny Oschmann Journey to Another World The official demo for Best Service's
The Orchestra by Sonuscore
Available for :

No Secrets!


Demystify the process of producing effective MIDI mockups and sample library demos with our complete and accessible project files. Explore and study the MIDI, audio, routing, and mix techniques that were used to create the final mix

Follow along with live playback to see how it is shaped for a musical performance

Solo or mute individual tracks and dynamically change the mix in real-time

Use the project as a template for your own mockups to fast-track your way to a higher quality production


Project files are available for ALL of these tracks!
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